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Authy Login Issues

This guide is intended to help you regain access to your Authy account as efficiently as possible. Please select the option that most closely matches your needs for detailed instructions:

I'm not receiving the Authy SMS (text) message

To log into Authy, you have several options: SMS, call, WhatsApp, other device. If any of them is giving you trouble, we advise you to try another option. However, you can find some helpful troubleshooting if you're not receiving the SMS here.

I'm trying to register a device, but I get a registration limit error

Multiple failed attempts to register a device on your Authy account can trigger our security protocols, automatically suspending your Authy account. For more information, please see Authy Error "Device Registration Limit Reached".

Authy remains loading at setup, or says there's no internet connection

To log into Authy you need to be connected to the internet, and allow access to our URLs. Please check Authy App System Requirements.

When I try to register a device, it says multi-device is disabled

Multi-device is a feature to keep your account secure. You can find more info about it and how to regain access to your account at “Multi-device is disabled for your Authy account”.

I have a new device, and need to access my Authy account

If your phone has been lost, stolen, or is inaccessible because it’s broken in some way, Authy has options for you to help restore access as quickly and securely as possible. Please see Restoring Authy Access on a New, Lost, or Inaccessible Phone.

I changed the phone number used for my Authy account

Authy relies on your phone number to give you access, so your account could be inaccessible if you change your phone number. For help regaining access to your account, please see Phone Number Change Process for Authy and How Long it Takes.

I no longer have an active wireless service or phone number

An active (in-service) phone number is required to use Authy. Once you get a new number, you can start a phone number change.

I forgot my old phone number and/or lost access to the email address I used to register my Authy account

If you have these issues, please contact our Support team.

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