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Notice: Twilio Authy API’s Sandbox feature will stop working on Sep 30, 2021

Twilio is discontinuing the Authy API’s Sandbox, a feature that allows customers to run continuous integration tests against a mock Authy API for free. The Sandbox is no longer being maintained, so we will be taking the final deprecation step of shutting it down on September 30, 2021. The rest of the Authy API product will continue working as-is.

How do you know if you’re using the Sandbox?

You’re using the Sandbox if you’re making API calls to Authy developers using the following outdated helper libraries could see this type of activity:

  • authy-python < 2.2.5
  • authy-devise < 2.0.0
  • authy-ruby < 3.0.0
    Note: The Sandbox was only used in a test suite of these libraries, so regular usage of the library will not be affected. That said, we generally recommend upgrading to the latest version if possible.

To help developers identify if they're using the Sandbox, we will conduct a scheduled 48-hour downtime from May 17-18, 2021. During this downtime, any API requests made to will receive a descriptive error message response.

What do you need to do?

Authy developers using an outdated helper library should update to the latest version, and double check to see if you have other code that is using the Sandbox. Users that do not remove this code will receive error responses (failed tests) on May 17-18, and then going forward after September 30, 2021.

We recommend the following alternative methods for running continuous integration tests:

  • Re-write tests to hit the production Authy API: Change the request URL from the sandbox to, and update the API keys to hit a production account. Please note that this method will start incurring costs once the number of requests goes beyond the 100/auth/month free tier.
  • Implement a Sandbox API equivalent: Write your own mock tests that mimic the behavior of the Sandbox/Authy API.
  • Consider migrating to the Verify API: Consider switching from the Authy API to the Verify API, a newer product that may be a better fit for users. For a detailed comparison of the two services, see Twilio Verify vs. Authy (Twilio Docs).
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