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Authy App Master Password for Desktop

Notice: The Authy Desktop app reached its End-of-Life on March 19, 2024. For full details, see Authy for Desktop End of Life (EOL).

The Authy Desktop app for Linux, Mac OS (OSX), and Windows has a Master Password feature to help keep your 2FA accounts safe. Once enabled, the Master Password will request users to enter their password whenever the Authy app is opened. 

Notice: The Master Password is never stored in our servers. Make sure you write it down somewhere safe or use a password that only you know. If you ever forget your password, any 2FA account tokens that have not been backed up will be permanently lost. Users can, however, recover their Authy account by following the process here: Reinstalling Authy and Restoring Access to your Account.

Enable or disable the Authy Desktop app Master Password on Linux, Mac OS (OSX) or Windows

  1. Open the Authy Desktop app.
  2. Click the Settings icon Chrome_Settings.png in the bottom right corner.
  3. Click General.
  4. Next to "Master Password", click Enable or Disable.
  5. Enter and then re-enter the desired password.

To change the Master Password, click Settings > General > Change.

What does Authy recommend for creating Master passwords?

In general, we recommended Authy users choose high entropy passwords, or those that lack order and predictability. The easiest way to generate a secure password would be to use password managers, or a passphrase generator like the one found here:

Specifically, we suggest your password be a minimum 10 characters in length, but recommend 20 characters or more. If you chose to use a passphrase, we suggest a minimum or 5 words in length, but recommend 8 words or more.

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