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Downloading and Installing Authy Apps

Authy apps are safer than SMS verification, and allow you to add two-factor authentication (2FA) accounts via QR code. Authy has the added benefit of letting users sync across multiple devices, so you can still access your important account even if you lose a phone or break a tablet.

Below you will find links for downloading each of the Authy applications we offer:
Note: To view supported OS versions, see Authy App System Requirements.

Version Download source
iOS iOS App Store
Android Google Play Store*
Windows or Mac
Linux Snapcraft Store

* Authy for Android is not available as a stand-alone .apk for security reasons. Authy can only be downloaded via the Play store.

Next steps

Once you have installed the Authy app(s), you're ready to get started securing your 2FA accounts. We recommend users take the following actions:

Notice: We strongly recommend all Authy users enable Authy Multi-Device, and configure Authy on two different devices. For example, this could be your wireless phone, and a tablet or computer. Having two separate installations allows users to easily recover access to your 2FA secured accounts if one device fails, gets reset, or becomes lost. For security, once you configure Authy on different devices, we advise you to disable Multi-Device.

Losing access to a single lone Authy installation would mean you won't have access to your important secured accounts. It also may require you to contact Authy support, and could require a wait of up to 48 hours before you regain access. For more information, see Restoring Authy Access.

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