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Authy App for Linux System Requirements

The Authy Linux app can be downloaded and installed on computers that support the Snapcraft store. We have tested and verified compatibility with the following Linux distributions:

  • Ubuntu
  • Linux Mint
  • Debian
  • Manjaro (known text display issues after logging out of Authy)

Other Linux distributions may also run the Authy app without issues, but we have not tested these, and won’t be able to respond to any issues you may encounter. To see installation instructions, and a list of the most common distros, see the Authy app page on Snapcraft.

Notice: The Authy Desktop app is scheduled to go End-of-Life in March 19, 2024. For full details, see Authy for Desktop End of Life (EOL).

Why Snapcraft?

We used Snapcraft to build our Authy Desktop app for Linux so that we could reach as many Linux distributions as possible. Linux app distribution is a pretty dense topic on its own, but we chose to use Snapcraft to give users an experience that includes:

  • Easy installation
  • Security
  • Automatic updates

Authy Linux installation issues and bugs

Notice: There are some issues with Snap apps not having full support for cvgroup v2, which Fedora and other distributions use by default. This is a known Snap issue.

If you run into issues installing the Authy app for one of the verified Linux distributions, or encounter problems with the application itself, please make sure you have the latest Snap version and collect troubleshooting data by following these steps:

  1. Open the terminal
  2. Remove Authy Desktop using this command:
        snap remove authy
  3. Update Snap daemon to the latest version using this command:
        sudo apt-get --only-upgrade install snapd
  4. Install Authy Desktop again:
        snap install authy
  5. Launch Authy Desktop by clicking the Authy icon added to applications, or by using this command in the terminal:

Additionally, make sure your firewall or security policies allow access to standard HTTP port (HTTPS 443) and to these urls:


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