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Reconfigure Authy After a Lost or Forgotten Backups Password

Aviso: Este artigo também está disponível em português.

Users who are unable to recover their Authy Backups can continue using Authy to secure their accounts. This guide will walk users through setting their accounts back up.

Step 1: Disable 2FA on Your Service Account

The first step is to disable 2FA from any encrypted account. In order to disable 2FA, you'll be required to login to your account, and change this security setting in your profile. If you’re unable to login to your account, try one of the following options:

  • Use the recovery codes provided by the service(s) during 2FA setup to regain access to your account.
  • Re-add your tokens with the secret keys provided by the service(s) upon enabling 2FA.
  • Contact the service you're locked out of in order to regain access.

Step 2: Remove Any Remaining Encrypted 2FA Tokens

Next, you’ll want to delete any encrypted 2FA account tokens that remain on your Authy account. For help removing these remaining tokens, see Delete, Hide, or Decrypt Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Account Tokens in the Authy App.

Step 3: Change the Authy Backups Password

Once your encrypted 2FA tokens are removed, you will be able to change your Backups password. For help with this process, see Changing the Authy Backups Password.

Alert: Authy Support is unable to recover a lost or forgotten backups password. We recommend that you write your backups password down somewhere safe immediately after creating it, or use a password that only you know.

Step 4: Re-add 2FA Account Tokens

With your backups password updated, you can now re-add your 2FA accounts to Authy. For help with this process, see Add a New Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Account Token in the Authy App.

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