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What is a Token?

Authy uses tokens to help increase security for your important online accounts. This guide explains what a token is, how it works, and the different kinds of tokens you may see in Authy.

What is a token?

The token is a unique code/number that your 2FA (two-factor authentication) app generates and is constantly changing. With a two-factor authentication app you would use a username, a password and a token to log into a service (e.g Twitch, Gemini, Pinterest, etc.)

What type of tokens can I find in Authy?

  • Authy Powered Tokens - You will see them in the Authy app as Twilio Authy Accounts. These are created for you when you use an app/website/service that has chosen Authy as their trusted 2-factor authentication partner. Tokens are created with the phone number and email address you used to register with them. 
  • Authenticator Tokens - You will see them in the Authy app as Authenticator Accounts. These are manually added by the user scanning a QR code or inserting an alphanumeric key.

Why are the token codes different on my devices?

If you have multiple devices linked to your account, the Authy Powered codes will be different on each device. This is done by design, but all codes should work for you to log into your service.

Be aware that authenticator codes will be the same across all devices. If they're returning different codes per device, you might have some syncing issues. For troubleshooting help, see Authy 2FA Account Tokens Not Backed Up or Device not Found.

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