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Authy Phone Change Request Denied

Authy's security team must carefully review requests for two-factor authentication locked accounts to be updated to a new phone number. This is to prevent hackers from taking control of accounts that do not belong to them. It is not safe for requests to update a number to occur via email requests or support ticket requests: please use the secure Authy website form here.

If your request was denied by the security team, you have the following options:

  1. Retry the phone change form and provide more complete information or non-blurry photo ID. Please note, for security reasons we cannot accept this information via email or support ticket. It is safer to use the encrypted web form.
  2. Contact the website or service partnered with Authy you are trying to log in to. You may be able to provide additional information to them, including financial or account usage information, to establish your identity to them. They will be able to turn off two-factor authentication on your account from their side at their discretion or help you make a new account - Authy cannot turn off two-factor for your account on their website (we are the key, our partner controls the lock).
  3. If you have previously installed the Authy mobile or desktop app when it was linked to your old number, and you can still access that copy via a backup or restore of your operating system, you may be able to change your number via the Authy app from that restored copy.

If you don't have access to the Authy app then the best you can do is make a new phone change request and not use your account while the request lasts and submit the needed information. If no suspicious actions are detected on the account you will be able to change your phone number using that process.

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