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Authy 2FA Account Tokens Not Backed Up or Device not Found

When using the Authy app on multiple devices or computers, it’s possible for an installation of the Authy app to become de-registered from your account, and out of sync. This guide explains possible scenarios when this issue may occur, and how to resolve it.

Common errors

  • When an Authy app becomes de-registered, users may see a new 2FA account token listed with the status Not backed up.
  • When attempting to make changes to a de-registered Authy app, users may see the error Device not found.
  • When an Authy app becomes out of sync with the device, users may see the error No Internet Connection.

Troubleshooting steps

To resolve this issue, please follow the following steps in order.

  1. Download and install the Authy app on another computer or wireless device, and login with your same phone number.
  2. Once installed, verify that all of your 2FA Account tokens are properly loaded and decrypted on the new device. The only missing tokens should be the 2FA Accounts labeled “Not backed up” on your old Authy install.
  3. For each “Not backed up” 2FA account, login to the account’s corresponding website, and temporarily disable two factor authentication.
  4. On your new Authy install, remove all devices except for the one labeled as “This Device”.
  5. Re-add your 2FA Accounts to Authy.
  6. Make sure that Multi-device is enabled, and then uninstall and re-install Authy on your original device.
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