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Getting Started with the Unified Login and Product Switcher

Twilio Unified Login Overview

Unified Login allows Twilio users to use their Twilio email, password, and authentication settings across multiple products, including Segment and SendGrid.

You can start using Unified Login by linking existing Segment users with your Twilio user or creating new Segment or SendGrid users directly from Twilio Console. 


Notice: At the moment linking existing SendGrid user is supported only manually. Please reach out to your SendGrid contact or our support team.


Product Switcher

You can use the Product Switcher to navigate from Twilio Console to other products ( Segment and SendGrid).  The first time you navigate to Segment or SendGrid, you will be given the option to link your existing Segment user with the Twilio user credentials, or create a new Segment or SendGrid user with access to a free version of the products.

Once you are a linked user, you will be able to use the product switcher and navigate back to Twilio Console. 

Notice: The Product Switcher is available for all Users that do not use SSO to log-in.
You can upgrade your Twilio account by following the instructions here.


User Settings

For users who are using the Unified Login feature, most user settings, such as your email, password, and 2FA are now managed from Twilio Console.

Some user settings and functionality are still managed within your Segment or SendGrid user interface.  For example, your user session history for Segment specifically is still tracked under Segment’s User Settings page.

We are working towards a fully unified user settings experience across our product suite. This will give you one place to go to manage your user settings across all products. To start, your primary user settings, such as email, password and 2FA preferences will now be managed from the Twilio Console. Some settings and functionality will still be managed within Segment and Sendgrid until we migrate everything.


Updating your Email Address

When updating your email address, in most cases it will be accepted and synced up immediately. 

Warning: If you have updated the email address for this linked user to an already existing email in SendGrid or Segment for another user - the change will fail with error: This email address is already in use.

What’s not changing

  • Role based access controls are managed in Segment and SendGrid.
  • Users are still invited to individual products’ workspaces and accounts.
  • Your Twilio account will not change.

Unified Login FAQ

Q: If I link my existing Segment user, what happens to my previous password?
A: Once you’ve securely linked your existing user password, you no longer need it! You can start using your Twilio credentials going forward.


Q: What if I try to log in from the Segment or SendGrid website?
A: If you’ve signed up from Twilio Console with your Twilio user, or if you’ve linked your users, the next time you try to log in from Segment/SendGrid, we will detect your email and securely redirect you in with your Twilio credentials. If you have an existing Segment or SendGrid user, you can log in with your credentials as usual.


Q: Where do I update my timezone settings?
A: Timezone settings are still managed for each individual product.


Q: Can I link my existing SendGrid account?
A: Please reach out to your SendGrid contact or our support team if you are both a SendGrid and Twilio existing user and want to link these users into a single identity.

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