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Toll-Free Verification for Hosted and Ported Numbers

If you want to bring Toll-Free numbers you own (from an outside provider) to Twilio and use them for messaging services, you can:

  • Port the number, which means that the voice and messaging capability will be moved to Twilio and Twilio will be the new carrier of the number.
  • Host the number, which means that only the messaging capability will be moved to Twilio and you will keep your current voice provider.

When should I verify the hosted/ported Toll-Free numbers?

Once a porting or hosting request is completed, you must verify the Toll-Free numbers with Twilio. You can submit a Toll-Free number verification by using the Console or an API.

What dates should I take into account? 

As a result of industry-wide changes, from January 31, 2024 onward, messages sent from any unverified (Restricted or Pending) Toll-Free phone numbers (TFPN) are blocked. Only fully verified Toll-Free phone numbers are eligible to send messages.

Blocked messages will return Error 30032 (any message sent from a Restricted or Pending TFPN) or Error 30007 (if spam/unwanted on a verified TFPN), and are subject to messaging fees

These verification efforts, along with increased message filtering, help Twilio combat spam and create a trusted messaging ecosystem for you and your customers.

Do I need to do this process if I have already verified the Toll-free number with a previous provider?

Yes, if the ported or hosted toll-free number you are migrating to Twilio already had a toll-free verification with a previous provider, the messaging traffic of the number won’t be blocked, but you will still have to request the toll-free verification with Twilio as soon as a hosting or porting order is completed.

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