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Twilio's New Customer Help Center for Personalized Customers

In late 2023, Twilio Communications and Software customers were migrated to our new Customer Help Center. This new site is the first step in our goal to improve and unify our online customer support experience across all products under the Twilio brand. This article walks through some of the features found in our new site, and explains how to use it.

Notice: If you are not a Personalized Support customer, please click here for details about what’s changing for you. To find out more about our paid support offerings, see our Support Plans page.

Table of Contents

Help Center Overview

On our new Customer Help Center site you'll find our brand new platform, including on-site support plan and ticket management, a new improved smart search, and our updated ticket submission process.

New platform

The all-new website platform gives our engineering team more flexibility than ever before. Along with this initial set of improvements, we’re planning additional features and integrations in the future to make sure you get world class support.

In the future, we'll be adding additional Twilio product brands, with the goal of providing a single Support experience to all of our customers.

Updated smart searching

The new search allows you to find helpful content from any of our existing documentation sites - Twilio API Docs, Twilio Blog, and our Support docs. Our learning engine pays attention to searches and user ratings for the results, so it can improve over time, and provide helpful suggestions as you type.

Ticket submission and management

Our new support request form speeds up ticket submission, allowing you to get responses faster. We've removed the cumbersome drop-down menu that was filled with too many conflicting and confusing product names, and will now be deriving the product details via our custom-trained Machine Learning model. With this change, our goal is to reduce the fuss, making submitting support requests easier, and allowing us to route your questions to the correct support team the first time.

In the future, we'll be adding additional ticket management features to let customers find and view tickets faster.

Using the New Site

In this section, we'll give a step-by-step explanation of how to use the various features and functions for our new Help Center site.

Access the new Help Center site

  • Via Console: Click 'Docs and Support', and then select Help Center.
  • Via the new Help Center: Access, and then click Login.

Find Answers

  1. From the new Help Center site, enter your desired search terms, and then press Return on your keyboard, click the magnifying glass icon, or click one of the suggested search strings.
  2. The search results will be displayed. Click one of the results to view the entire article.
    • Recommended solutions resolve most user questions.
    • For additional results, click View More.
    • Click the thumbs up or thumbs down below a search result to tell us if it was or was not helpful.
  3. If you still need help after reviewing the article, please see the next section for Contacting Support.

Note: Some search results may point to API documentation or blog posts hosted on a different site. Users viewing this content that need additional help will need to return to the Help Center by navigating back to that browser tab, or clicking the Back button in their web browser.

Contact Support

From the new Help Center site, reach out to Support to get help via your desired channel.

  • Submit a ticket: Click the Submit a Ticket link in the left-side navigation panel.
  • Open a Chat: Click the Chat with us widget along the bottom right-side of the window.
  • Call your Technical Account Manager (TAM):
    1. Click the Support plans link in the left-side navigation panel.
    2. Click See support phone numbers to find contact numbers for reaching your Support team.
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