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Twilio's Customer Help Center for Personalized Customers

The Twilio Help Center is live in production for all Twilio and Authy customers (Twilio SendGrid customers continue to use for now). This site is the first step in our goal to improve and unify our online customer support experience across all products under the Twilio brand. We’re continuing to work on enhancements to the customer experience, and are happy to announce our latest launch for Spring 2024. This article walks through the new features of this launch, and explains how to use them.

Notice: If you are not a Personalized Support customer, please click here for details about what’s changing for you. To find out more about our paid support offerings, see our Support Plans page.

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Spring 2024 Launch

Our next Help Center launch is scheduled to begin rolling out on April 8, 2024, with full availability to all customers on April 22, 2024 (New date - see the updated launch plan section below for full details). This launch will include the following changes:

  • Twilio’s new Help Center Assistant Generative AI chatbot replaces the homepage on-site search field and article categories.
    • Help Center Assistant can provide solutions from content on any of our external documentation sites, including API docs, Support knowledge base articles, Blogs, Code Exchange, Twilio Labs, Guidelines, and more.
      • Users can provide us feedback by clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down icons below Help Center Assistant solutions.
      • Article searching can still be performed from article pages or via external search engines like Google.
    • Help Center Assistant automatically prompts users to submit a ticket when it detects you may need additional assistance. 
      • Tickets submitted via the Help Center Assistant will contain an automatically generated subject line and body field from the user's query and chat summary, as well as an attached chat log.
  • Updated April 17: The direct Submit a ticket link for logged-in users will be hidden for any account on the default free Developer support plan.
    •  Accounts with paid Support plans (Production, Business, or Personalized) will retain access to this link.
      • Access to Twilio’s other paid support channels, live chat and phone support, remains unchanged.
      • Users who have access to multiple accounts will only see the ticket submission channels available to the currently selected account based on its Support plan.
    • Any user can submit a ticket via the Help Center Assistant. It will automatically prompt users when it detects they need additional assistance. This can be triggered by the questions they ask, the language they use, or if a thumbs down feedback is submitted for a suggested solution.

Why are we making these changes?

These Customer Help Center updates are designed to improve your experience, and ensure you have the resources you need, when you need them. While this is a big change to the site, we believe it provides a number of benefits:

  • Enhanced quality of support: Designed to deliver more accurate and relevant answers than ever before, the Help Center Assistant catalogs all of Twilio’s externally available content, and is intended to deliver a superior self-service experience.
  • Bespoke solutions: The Help Center Assistant goes beyond generic responses by meticulously examining our comprehensive documentation to provide you with custom-tailored answers for each interaction.
  • Focus on the details: In order to better understand your current problems, Help Center Assistant is also trained to ask clarifying questions so it can better identify which product you’re using, and the specific issues you’re experiencing.
  • Help on your terms: Help Center Assistant can understand questions in multiple languages. While responses are given in English by default, you can request a translation into another language. Please note that we can't guarantee the same experience when submitting a support ticket - the summarization and ticket responses from our Support team will be in English.
  • Effortless support escalation: Can’t find what you’re looking for? Simply ask for more help, or respond to your solution with a thumbs down, and the Help Center Assistant will seamlessly guide you through the process of opening a support ticket for our expert Support Engineers.
  • Intelligent request routing: Help Center Assistant uses your chat experience to automatically fill in the ticket description and subject based on your interaction, helping to ensure your support ticket gets to the right person the first time.
  • Streamlined Communication: Our Support Engineers will have all the necessary details from your session, including a summary and full chat log, significantly reducing the need for back-and-forth emails. We’re here to resolve your queries efficiently and effectively.
  • We’re always open to feedback: Users can easily share their thoughts on the quality of their Help Center Assistant experience by clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down icons below any solution. We also have a blue feedback tab on the lower-right edge of the window for any general site feedback. See the Feedback section below for more details.

Launch plan

Our initial rollout will begin with 25% of randomly selected customer Account SIDs on Monday, April 8, 2024, gradually expanding to full access for all customers on Monday, April 22, 2024 (Previously, full access was scheduled for Wednesday April 17). Users do not have the option of opting out. That said, we’ll be reviewing feedback, and may pause or change our launch plans if major usability issues are discovered.

How will I know if I have access to the Help Center Assistant?

Login to Console, and then click the Help Center link from the ‘Docs and Support’ menu.

  • Accounts with access to Help Center Assistant will see the updated home page.
  • Accounts that don’t have access yet will see the original home page until they get added to the new launch. All customers should have access after Monday, April 22, 2024

Features Overview

As of Spring 2024, the Twilio Help Center supports the following features:

SPRING 2024: New Help Center Assistant

After April 22, 2024, all users will have access to the new Help Center Assistant for easily finding content they need to resolve issues. Using the power of Generative AI and natural language processing (NLP), the Help Center Assistant provides quick and accurate answers to customer questions in a friendly conversational manner, and links to the source material from any of our public facing documentation sites. The Assistant also allows users to rate the answers returned to them, and for the first time on our Support site, lets users provide direct feedback for the source content.

SPRING 2024: New Ticket Submission Experience

After April 22, 2024, only accounts with paid Support plans (Production, Business, or Personalized) who have logged in to Console will have the option to submit a ticket directly from the navigation bar.

Unauthenticated customers, and those on the default free Developer support plan, will no longer have access to the submit a ticket link in the navigation bar. These users can submit a ticket via the Help Center Assistant, or from an article page. See the Contact support section below for a walkthrough.

JANUARY 2024: New Account Switcher

It’s easier than ever now to select the account you want to view directly on the Customer Help Center. Previously, users had to return to Console to change their account. Our new Account Selector drop-down menu allows you to pick any account that your user account has access to, and easily manage or submit new support requests without going back to Console.

JANUARY 2024: New Twilio System Status UI

The status page feature received a UI update. Instead of the large drop-down menu next to your Support plan, we have moved the System Status view into a collapsible icon in the upper right corner.

Removed the product selection menu from our ticket form

Our new support request form removed the confusing product drop-down menu, making filing a ticket easier. Going forward, we’ll be deriving the product details from our custom-trained Machine Learning model. This change helps us route your requests to the right team the first time, allowing us to respond and resolve your issues sooner.

More to come!

We’re continuing to bring new features and improvements to the new Customer Help Center. Some planned highlights include a ticket history search, additional filters, and the integration of more brands. Keep an eye out for future announcements!

Using the Help Center

In this section, you’ll find a step-by-step explanation of how to use the various features and functions on the Customer Help Center site.

Access the Customer Help Center

  • Via Console: Click 'Docs and Support', and then select Help Center.
  • Via Help Center: Visit, and then click Login.

Switch between accounts

  • Click the Account Switcher drop-down box along the top bar, and then select the desired option:
    • Select a recent account to switch to it.
    • Select View all Accounts to see a list of accounts your login has access to, and then click one to switch to it.
    • Select View all subaccounts to see a list of the subaccounts under the currently active parent account.

Find answers

  1. Click one of the listed popular searches, or enter a custom search, and then press Return on your keyboard, or click the blue arrow icon to submit it.
  2. The Help Center Assistant will respond with a solution to your question.
    • Click the thumbs up or thumbs down icons below a search result to tell us if it was helpful or not.
    • To revise your question, modify your search string, and then press Return on your keyboard, or click the blue arrow icon.
      • Ask for more help if you need to submit a support request.
    • Click one of the source articles below your solution to view it.
      • Note: Some source articles may point to content hosted on a different site. When viewing this content, you can return to the Help Center by navigating back to that browser tab, or clicking the Back button on your browser.

Contact support

Prerequisite: Select the right account in the Account Switcher

When reporting issues or asking for help, we ask that users submit their request from the account where the reports took place. This allows us to more easily identify any status issues or error notifications on your account, which aids troubleshooting, and helps to speed up resolutions.

  • If you have access to more than one account, please verify that the right account is selected in the Account Switcher.
  • If a different account is selected, please click the Account Switcher drop-down menu, and then select the affected account before submitting your ticket.

Personalized Support customers can use any of the following channels to reach out to their Support team:

  • Submit a ticket directly: Click the Submit a Ticket link in the left-side navigation panel to create a new support request.
  • Submit a ticket using the Help Center Assistant: Ask for help in the chat, or click the thumbs down icon below an answer, and then select the Submit a Ticket option.
  • Open a live Chat with Support: Click the Chat with us widget along the bottom-right corner of the window.
  • Call your Technical Account Manager (TAM):
    1. Click the Support plans link in the left-side navigation panel.
    2. Click See support phone numbers to find contact numbers for reaching your Support team.

Check the status and respond to your Support Tickets

  1. Verify you have selected the account that originally submitted the ticket in the Account Switcher.
  2. Click Ticket history.
  3. Your ticket history will be displayed in a table, sorted by most recent submission date.
    • Set the drop-down menus across the top and then click Apply to filter tickets by the current status, impact, or submission date.
      • Click Clear all to remove all filters.
    • Click a ticket ID to view responses from our Support team, add your own replies, or mark a ticket as Resolved.
Twilio Support Ticket Statuses
New Ticket received, but not yet assigned for work.
Open Ticket assigned, and ready for work.
Pending Ticket updated, and awaiting your response.
Hold Ticket waiting on resolution from outside of Support (Carrier, Product, etc.)
Solved Ticket marked solved by Support, but can be reopened for 14 days.
Closed Ticket solved for 14 or more days, and can't be reopened.

Submit Customer Help Center Feedback

Help Center users have a couple of different methods for submitting feedback to us:

SPRING 2024: Help Center Assistant solution feedback

Help Center Assistant users can submit feedback about their search results directly through their chat. Once an answer is received, click the thumbs up or thumbs down icon to provide feedback on the answer itself, or the content sources that were used in building your solution.

Feedback survey tab

We’re continuing to run our survey on the Help Center site for user feedback. Simply click the blue Give Feedback tab on the right-edge of the window, and you’ll be asked questions about your experience. Our team will review all survey feedback submitted.

Feedback via ticket

We are also happy to receive your feedback in the form of a Support ticket. If you have any suggestions or comments to share, please add it to a ticket, and submit it to our team.

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