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Different Total amount Invoice vs Receipts

From within the Console you can download monthly receipts of your payments to Twilio and invoices  for the account you are viewing.

  • Twilio Invoices can be retrieved at any time from the Billing Overview page in Console.
  • Twilio receipts can be downloaded from the Payment History page in Console.

However, seeing a difference between invoices and receipts is normal for prepay customers as receipts show how much money you have added to your Twilio account while invoices show how much of that money you have used for your Twilio services. If you are a pay as you go customer, you have likely prepaid for your usage. You shouldn't have an invoice to pay.

Why is there a difference?

This is because your account is pay as you go, and will suspend when it hits $0 or a negative balance so you must have a positive balance to keep your account active.

Since having a different total amount in both documents is expected, you may prompt some additional questions, we are taking this opportunity to highlight the following information:

  • PayGo customers do not pay via invoice but pay via a preloaded balance.
  • Invoices will show the usage for that month and not reflect any payments made.
  • Invoices have tax implications, while payments/receipts do not.

For help getting a receipt for your payment to Twilio, see How can I get a receipt for my payments or if you are having trouble reading your Twilio invoice, please check Reading your Twilio Invoice

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