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Use Case Vetting for Verify Messages to China

Due to regulatory restrictions, and the strict policies Chinese networks impose to SMS traffic, Verify customers must go through our use case vetting and registration to safely deliver messages to China. 

Customers who are not registered will get error 60220 - Messages to China require use case vetting when they attempt to start a verification to China through the SMS channel.

What do I need?

Please gather the following information:

  • Account SID.
  • Your company name.
  • Your company use case, such as:
    • “We run a food delivery service, and we approve transactions at checkout.”
    • “My company provides office supplies at scale, and our customers are verified through OTP.”
  • Your company website.
  • Your company business license (in English). This is a document issued by a government agency authorizing the business.
  • Verify service name or names in case you have more than one service. Please make sure it is between 3-11 chars long and it doesn't include any spaces since the carriers have this limitation.
  • Template SID if you won't be using our default templates.
  • Estimated volume of messages per month.

How do I get my use case vet?

Once you've gathered all the details above, please contact our Support team to go through use case vetting and have your account enabled. This process can take up to 10 working days.


Notice: If after getting your account enabled, you decide to change the verification template, please contact us again to get the new message body registered. Otherwise, you risk getting your traffic to China blocked by the carriers.

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