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How can I update my WhatsApp Display Name?

Notice: In order to update your display name, Meta now requires brands to complete Business Verification. Meta will only review requests to update the display name once verification is completed.

To update your WhatsApp Display Name you will need to create a support ticket. Our support team will work with Meta to update the Display Name and keep you updated on progress.

Please note: All display names are independently reviewed by Meta’s team. All new names are subject to Meta’s display name guidelines.

Downtime and re-registration

Once a new display name is approved, the sender needs to be re-registered to the platform. There can be up to 20-30 minutes of downtime involved with this step. You may or may not need to be involved in the re-registration, depending on if your number is Twilio owned or not:

  • If you are using a Twilio-purchased number, our team can complete the re-registration, and you do not need to be present. If you need to coordinate the downtime with our team, please let us know in your ticket. 
  • If you are bringing your own number (BYON), our team will need to coordinate with someone who has access to the phone number to complete the registration. Using the ticket you opened, the Twilio team will schedule and complete the migration of the number. This will require a live chat or call to provide Twilio with the pin code. Once you share the pin code, the process generally completes within minutes. There may be up to 15 minutes of downtime during this operation.

Requesting the Display Name change

Open a support ticket in the Twilio console and provide the following information:

  • Twilio account SID
  • Phone number to update
  • New Display Name 
  • Website URL where your new name can be found

How long does the process take?

Meta approvals of the new display name can take ~1-3 business days to review. If your display name is rejected, our team can help pick a new name or submit an appeal to Meta. 

If you require coordination of the downtime to minimize disruption, please include this in your support ticket. At this time, these requests are being handled only during Pacific Standard Time business hours. Customers on paid support plans may request times outside of business hours, but we are unable to guarantee this due to high demand.

Best Practices for Display Names

Note: Meta’s discretion is final. The below are recommendations from our team’s experience. You can find the official documentation from Meta here.

  • Using the name as it appears in your logo or marketing has the highest chances of approval.
  • Avoid being too technical or internal with your display names, relate to the overall brand, not the specific use-case. Example: use “Twilio” instead of “Twilio Customer Service UAT”. The latter is likely to be rejected by Meta. 
  • Avoid using URLs unless your brand name is in URL format.
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