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WABA to WABA migration for self-signup customers

When you want to migrate a number that is already activated on WhatsApp from another provider to Twilio, this is referred to as a WABA to WABA migration. There are two ways of doing this, depending on the type of WABA that you have:

  • Guided signup: You have a WABA created by and managed by Twilio. 
  • Self sign-up: You have a WABA that you created and is managed by Twilio. This is the default onboarding method for new, non-ISV customers (known as Direct customers).

This guide covers the self sign-up process.

Notice: Meta recently released a feature that allows automatic migration of a WhatsApp Business API number during the Self Sign Up process. This process is not currently supported on Twilio and will result in your migrated number remaining in "Pending" status indefinitely. You must follow the instructions below in order to migrate your number from a WhatsApp Business API provider outside of Twilio.

Warning: Due to high demand and the manual nature of this process, WABA to WABA migrations may take multiple weeks.

How the WABA to WABA migration works

A WABA to WABA migration is only possible between WABAs that were created with the same Meta Business Manager ID. The migration process involves the following steps:

  • Engaging your provider to disable the 2FA pin code on the origin number
  • Engaging Twilio to migrate the number from the destination WABA to the origin WABA
  • Participating in a live call or chat session to provide Twilio with an SMS/voice pin code from Meta

There are some prerequisites and restrictions that must be adhered to before we can perform a WABA to WABA transfer. Please read carefully below to avoid any issues:

How to initiate a WABA to WABA transfer for self sign-up customers

1. Onboard onto the WhatsApp Business API with Twilio with a Twilio phone number.

This will create the destination WABA and ensure that the WABA is fully functional. You may use any phone number, but we recommend a US number as it is fast, easy and inexpensive to use. Follow the steps here to onboard: 

Warning: When creating your WABA, you must choose the same Meta Business Manager ID that was used to create the origin WABA. If the Meta Business Manager IDs of the WABAs do not match, Meta's system will not allow the migration to happen, as a security measure.

2. Open a support ticket and request a "WABA to WABA migration".

In the ticket, include the following details:

  • The number you will be bringing to Twilio
  • The provider that is currently being used
  • Your Twilio account SID that you used to onboard your destination WABA
  • The origin WABA ID (from your current provider)
  • The Meta Business Manager ID used to create the origin WABA
  • The destination WABA ID
  • The Meta Business Manager ID used to create the destination WABA
  • Denote that this is for a self-signup WABA

3. Ensure that the 2FA pin code for the origin number is disabled by your existing provider.

You must request this from your current provider.

4. Complete the migration during your scheduled session. 

The Twilio team will use the support ticket you created in step 2 to schedule and complete the migration of the number. This will require a live chat or call to provide Twilio with the pin code. Once you share the pin code, the process generally completes within minutes. There may be up to 15 minutes of downtime during this operation.


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