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WhatsApp Authentication Template Requirements, Restrictions and International Fees

Authentication Template Requirements

WhatsApp requires authentication templates to include one-time password (OTP) buttons for approval. These templates must follow the format predetermined by WhatsApp and cannot be edited by the business.

These authentication template formats are supported in Content Template Builder and WhatsApp Templates. There are some differences in what is supported in each platform:

  • Content Template Builder: Support for basic authentication message, and optional expiry code and security advisory.
  • Legacy Templates: Support for basic authentication message and automatic inclusion of security advisory.

Authentication Template Restrictions in India

As highlighted on Meta’s public documentation, authentication templates are not currently supported in India until July 1, 2024. Any Authentication messages sent to Indian WhatsApp numbers (country code +91) will result in error 63024. Before this date, you will need to use alternative methods, like Twilio’s Verify API, to send OTP type messages to Indian numbers.

Starting July 1, 2024, Twilio will automatically support the sending of authentication templates to India.

Authentication Template International Fees

WhatsApp is introducing a new pricing change for certain eligible businesses initiating authentication conversations with users.

The following rates will apply for eligible* businesses starting July 1, 2024, for conversations that are opened with authentication category templates:

  • India (country code +91): USD $0.028 per conversation
  • Indonesia (country code +62): USD $0.136 per conversation

Businesses will incur these new authentication-international rates only if two specific conditions are both satisfied:

  • The business’s Primary Business Location from their Meta Business Manager account is a different country than a rate’s country.
  • The business is considered eligible* for authentication-international rates for the country.

*Meta considers businesses as eligible for a country’s authentication-international rate if they open more than 750,000 conversations in a moving 30-day period to users from that country based on their country code. Eligibility for each country is determined separately. Eligibility is permanent and cannot be reversed.

Review Meta’s business eligibility requirements to learn more and understand if your business is subject to these rates.

Twilio will bill eligible customers the above amounts based on WhatsApp’s authentication-international fees for India and Indonesia starting July 1, 2024. Fees apply to messages sent using the Programmable Messaging API as well as Verify.

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