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New WhatsApp Authentication Template Requirements - May 2023

WhatsApp requires new authentication templates to include one-time password (OTP) buttons in order to be approved. These new authentication templates are referred to as compliant authentication templates. They must follow the format predetermined by WhatsApp (please see link above for details) and cannot be edited by the business. 

The compliant authentication template format is supported in Content API, Content Editor and Legacy WhatsApp Templates. There are some differences in what is supported in each platform:

  • Content API and Editor: Support for basic authentication message, expiry code and security advisory.
  • Legacy Templates: Support for basic authentication message only.

All existing approved authentication templates created prior to May 29th (non-compliant authentication templates) can continue to be used to send messages, but all will need to be recreated as compliant authentication templates before October 2nd. After this date, Meta will set the status of any non-compliant templates to rejected.

Notice: Verify WhatsApp customers are not subject to the October 2, 2023 deadline.

Notice: As highlighed on Meta’s public documentation, compliant authentication template features are not currently supported for any customers with Meta Business Manager country designations of India. Businesses in India can continue to use existing non-compliant templates until further notice. 

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