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Twilio Lookup

If you wish to query information on any Twilio or non-Twilio phone number you can do so with Twilio Lookup. When using Twilio Lookup you can format and validate phone numbers, view national and country code formats, and also view carrier and caller name information (US only).

Lookup from the Console

To use Twilio Lookup, navigate to Develop --> Lookup --> Lookup a Phone Number on the left navigation pane in the Twilio Console or use the link below.

Once there, type in any Twilio or non-Twilio phone number to query information about it and click Run Lookup. Listed below is a test phone number along with sample information you may see when running the lookup. 

*Please note that the (Default) format information checkbox is selected by default and is a free lookup. Checking the Carrier information or Caller name information - US only checkboxes come with their own charges.

Lookup with an Add-on

Alternatively, in the Twilio Console you can install a Twilio Lookup Add-on and have it perform a lookup request. When available, the calling information for these requests will be provided to you in that add-on's response. To install one of these add-ons in your account please navigate to Develop --> Add-ons --> Catalog on the left navigation pane or use the link below:

From there select Lookup from the drop-down list and install the add-on of your choice.

*Please note, that installing an add-on creates an instance to that specific Parent Account or Subaccount that it was installed under. The add-on instance holds the configuration information required to operate the add-on that was installed. Each add-on comes with its own individual pricing and charges your Twilio account per request.

Lookup with the API

Lastly, this can also be performed via our Lookup API. The Twilio Lookup API comes with a Basic Lookup which is free and a Line Type Intelligence Lookup which is a paid feature. For more information regarding this, please visit our site using the link below.

For pricing information using the Line Type Intelligence Lookup, please reference our site using the link below.

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