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Documents Required and Instructions to Register Your Alphanumeric Sender ID in Singapore

Before we begin

Effective Jan 31, 2023, the Singapore agency, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), will require customers to pre-register directly with the Singapore Sender ID Registry (SSIR) to continue using Twilio’s application-to-person (A2P) SMS services. The regulatory changes are aimed at curbing increasing cases of fraud via SMS. 

This article outlines the documentation requirements for a pre-registration in Singapore.

Things to note

  • To comply with the new IMDA mandate, Twilio will be requesting proof of registration with SSIR and company's Unique Entity Number (UEN), as part of the KYC process, from all Twilio customers that wish to send A2P SMS in Singapore, by January 15, 2023.
  • In order to continue sending A2P SMS to Singapore mobile users, please follow the below mentioned steps:
    Use your local unique entity number (“UEN”), as issued by relevant government agencies, to register with the SSIR, via the SSIR Portal. After registering with the SSIR, send a copy of your proof of registration and Company's Unique Entity Number (UEN) to provide to Twilio via application form.
  • All registrations of new Long Virtual Number (LVN) will be standardised to 10-digit format (e.g +65xxxxxxxx)
    - Messages sent from the registered LVNs must be sent by Customers to Twilio using the 10-digit format +65xxxxxxxx

Required Documents:

1. ACRA BizFile Report
- Bizfile Report should not be more than 3 months old

2. Proof of Registration with SSIR
- Screenshot of confirmation that the Sender ID is registered with SSIR (Screenshot(s) should reflect Company Name and Sender ID approval)

3. Letter of Authorisation 

(a) Use this Letter of Authorisation (LOA) for Direct Registration when the registered sender ID is owned by the organisation and a director of that same organisation:

  • registers a Sender ID on behalf of the organisation with Twilio
  • authorises an employee of the organisation to register a Sender ID on behalf of the organisation with Twilio


(b) Use this Letter of Authorisation (LOA) when the registered sender ID is owned by the organisation and the organisation:

  • authorises a third party representative to send SMS using the organisation’s registered Sender ID on its behalf. For example, a marketing firm is appointed by the organisation to run a marketing campaign for the organisation.
  • authorises an affiliate company to send SMS using the organisation’s registered Sender ID

The representative or affiliated company will need to provide the LOA to Twilio. LOA to be signed by a director of the organisation that registered the Sender ID. The LOA will need to name the person(s) who will fill the Twilio sender ID application form



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