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How to View and Export SIP & Voice Call Logs from Twilio Console

Twilio voice call logs can be viewed and exported from Twilio Console. The voice call logs include all types of calls (i.e. Programmable Voice SIP, VoIP / Client / SDK, and PSTN / carrier calls, in addition to Elastic SIP Trunking calls).

How to view and export your voice call logs

  1. Log into Twilio console
  2. Click on the the Monitor tab.
  3. Expand Logs and click on Calls.
  4. You will now see a list of your latest calls.
  5. You can filter the calls by Date, Status, From, To and Call Type. 
    *note: If you filter by only the phone number, SIP calls will not show up. To view your SIP calls, either filter by the full SIP address URI or remove the To and/or From filters.
  6. This list can be exported to a CSV file by clicking Export CSV.
  7. Click Download CSV 

Note: The CSV export has a limit of 2500 calls. If you need to export more than 2500 calls, you will need to use the API to pull this data.

Additional  Resources

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