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Required Information for Toll-Free Verification

Toll-Free Verification requires a number of specific pieces of data to be submitted for review. This information is then used to help identify the end business sending messages, and ensure that they have proper measures in place to send compliant traffic. This guide explains each piece of information required for verification, and contains examples of good and bad submissions.

Notice: The information below is for the manual process of submitting a verification request via a CSV file. If you are using the self-serve option of submitting verification requests via the Messaging Compliance API or Console, please refer to their respective documentation for more details on required information.

Table of contents

Filing Instructions

  1. Download this template by opening the link, and then clicking File > Download > Comma Separated Values (.csv).
  2. Add your data to the template for all columns, and then save the .csv file. For additional details about the information request, see the first two rows of the template, or the information below.
  3. Submit your completed template via a Support Ticket request. Please include “Toll-Free Verification for (your business name or number)” in the ticket subject line.

Important template notes

  • Remove the sample data before sending us the file.
  • Do not modify the column headers.
  • Save the file only as a .csv file.
  • The CSV file may contain up to 1000 total phone numbers entered within the 'Phone_Number' column.
  • There is a 1,000 character limit for the Message_Content and Additional_Opt_In_Information columns. A 500 character limit for each other column except for the 'Phone_Number' column which does not have a character limit constraint.
  • If you would like to include a comma within a field value, surround the value with double quotes.
  • Each row should be unique to an individual business. Multiple numbers associated with a business should be included on the 'Phone_Numbers' column.
  • Each column is required to have data within it (Excludes: Business_Addr2, State, Zip, Additional_Supporting_Documentation, ISV/Reseller, InternalTicket, Business_Country and External_Customer_Id).
  • Use_Case_Category must contain a use case. You can use one of the below or create your own that best fits your use case.
  • Business_Country (support for International addresses).
  • External_Customer_Id (This is the Twilio Account SID associated with the phone number)
  • Message_Volume (Column L) should contain the estimated monthly message volume for that specific Toll-Free number.
  • Do not attach or paste any images or other other media in the form. Instead, include links/URLs to a hosted media file(s), as described in the relevant sections below.

Required data

Customer ID field from end-user

Enter the Twilio Account SID (ASID) that the end-business should be associated with. For ISVs, that could be an account or sub-account depending on how the account is set up. Twilio recommends creating separate sub-accounts for end-businesses.

Business Name - text field

The end business / the business the consumer is engaging with. This should not be the ISV unless the ISV is 1) the sole content creator 2) sending messages on behalf of the ISV and 3) content is branded with the ISV’s name.

✔ Approved Example: John’s Coffee Shop
This includes the end-user business that will be sending out the SMS messages that the end-user/mobile handset is engaging with

✘ Rejected Example: Name of the ISV/aggregator, N/A
If the end-user business information is not provided, it will be rejected as Toll-Free Verification Requests must provide end-user business information to be reviewed

Corporate Website

The website of the end business/ the website the consumer is engaging with. This should be the website of the business name that was previously listed. This can include social media links (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) if the business does not have a traditional website.

✔ Approved Example: URL to direct end-user business.
Note: If it is a smaller business with no direct webpage, social media links are acceptable (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). The social media pages must be set to public so they can be reviewed.

✘ Rejected Example: No URL provided, URL not a live website, URL behind a login/password, address of the ISV/aggregator, invalid or typoed URL.

If no URL is provided, the URL hasn’t gone live yet, or it is in a private state that requires a login/password, it is not reviewable. URLs are especially important for marketing use cases.
Note: Please test all included URLs if possible to ensure they work properly, check for typos, etc. Verification may fail due to a misspelled or invalid URL.

Business Address (include street, city, state, and zip code)

The address of the end business the consumer is engaging with. This should be the end business’ physical location. Toll-free verification does contemplate international senders with Toll-free numbers.

✔ Approved Example: 123 Main St, Seattle, WA, 98119
Full business address includes the street, city, state, and zip code for the end-user business that will be sending out the SMS that the end-user/mobile handset is engaging with. This would be the physical location of the business

✘ Rejected Example: “N/A”, address of the ISV/aggregator
Business address of the ISV, No business address provided, not a valid address

Business Compliance Contact (first and last name, email address, phone number)

The first and last name, email address, and phone number for the contact of the end business. Please note: this is not used to contact the customer during the verification process.

✔ Approved Example: John Smith,
First and Last Name and Email address of the contact at the end-user business. Note: This information is not used to contact the customer during the verification process.

✘ Rejected Example: Jane Doe,
ISV contact First and Last Name and email address. End-user business information is needed. If ISV contact information is provided, it will be rejected as Toll-Free Verification Requests must provide end-user business information to be reviewed

Expected Message Volume

Estimated Monthly Volume for the submission. Choose the closest value and if ramping up, please use the value of where you expect to be in 6 months.

✔ Approved Example: One of the following: 10; 100; 1000; 10000; 100000; 250000; 500000; 750000; 1000000; 5000000; 10000000+
Provide the closest number of messages to one of the numbers listed above

✘ Rejected Example: N/A
For Toll-Free Verification review, the approximate amount of messages is needed as part of the review process

Phone number(s) to be verified

The Toll-Free number(s) that are part of the submission.

A single US end-user can register up to 5 numbers for verification with no additional steps. If the end-user wishes to register more than 5 numbers, additional information on why the end-user needs more than 5 numbers is required. Approval is subject to Twilio discretion.

Listing different addresses will indicate different locations or including the location name in the business name with each location's physical address is acceptable.

Alternatively, an explanation can be provided in the additional supporting documentation field i.e - multiple recruiters/agents for each phone number.

✔ Approved Example: Toll-Free Number of the end-user business that is engaging with the end-user/mobile handset

✘ Rejected Example: No Toll-Free Number provided

Use Case Category

Choose the use case that you believe best fits the customer's traffic pattern. If you wish to add in multiple use-cases, please separate with a comma.

✔ Approved Example: General Marketing
This should be the use case that best fits the types of messages being sent. Note: Multiple use cases can be provided with a comma separating them

✘ Rejected Example: No use case provided
For Toll-Free Verification review, the use case category is needed as part of the review process

Description of the Use Case / Summary

Description of the use-case/submission. The more detail, the better!

✔ Approved Example: This number is used to send out promotional offers and coupons to the customers of John’s Coffee Shop
The more detail the better for the use case/summary!

✘ Rejected Example: Marketing
What kind of marketing? What will the end-user/mobile handset be receiving from the end-user business?

Production (Sample) Message Content

Production level Sample message(s) that the end-user will be sending to the subscriber handset.

✔ Approved Example: “Thank you for being a loyal customer of John’s Coffee Shop. Enjoy 10% off your next purchase. Reply STOP to opt out.”
This should be a sample message of the content that the end-user/mobile handset will be receiving in the SMS.

✘ Rejected Example: “Your appointment is today at 10:00 AM”
This should match the use case provided i.e. Marketing and should be similar types of content from the use case provided.

Opt-in Workflow Description (Text - online, text to join, point of sale, etc.)

For informational campaigns that use a text-to-join, QR code, or other mechanism that is excessively prohibitive to illustrate via a hosted image file, describing the opt-in workflow in detail is acceptable
In as much detail, provide how a consumer/subscriber opts into this submission. The opt-in submitted should be what the mobile user sees when providing their phone number: online/app (URL, screenshot/webpage), see in store (Keyword, signage), hears (IVR script/verbiage). Please note this should be the description only, any links should be added in the next section: Opt-in Image URLs.

✔ Approved Example: Keyword Coffee. The keyword is found on a sign at the register of John’s Coffee Shop where customers can see the keyword and text in to the Toll-Free Number. Once the customer texts the keyword, they are provided a double opt in where they are asked to Reply Y to confirm they would like to receive promotional SMS

The more detail about the opt in process, the better. The information provided for review should be clear to the Verification Ops team what specifically the customer does to opt in/sign up to receive SMS from the end-user business.

✘ Rejected Example: Keyword/Text to join. Online. PointOfSale
The examples of opt in are just a starting point. There needs to be details explaining exactly what the customer does.

  • Keyword - what is the keyword? Where does the customer find the keyword? What happens after the end-user/mobile handset texts the keyword to the Toll-Free number?
  • Online - what is the direct URL to the opt in/sign up page? Screenshots of the opt-in/sign up page are acceptable. This should be the SMS opt in/sign up, not emails
  • Point of sale - what is the process? Where does the customer give the consent? Provide a screenshot/picture/url and language the customer is agreeing.

Opt-in Image URLs (URLs separated by semicolon)

Consent is one of the cornerstones of A2P messaging. Opt-In workflow description should briefly describe how the handset gives consent to the business to receive messaging. Opt-in image URL field can contain a hosted image file with a screenshot of the opt-in clearly displayed on the end-user’s website, an image of where opt-in is collected or an image of relevant opt-in practice.
Provide images of the opt-in process and what a subscriber is agreeing to. This should be where the customer’s phone number was entered by the customer agreeing to receive the SMS. Please do not attach or paste the actual image to the verification form, as this field only supports urls. You will instead need to host the image on your website or server and generate a link to it, which you can then provide in this field in the form.

Online Provide the link to the direct opt in page or a screenshot of the website opt-in page. Only the phone number opt in page should be included; An opt-in for an email address is not acceptable for SMS TFV opt-in. This must be a full, valid, working URL that is publicly accessible in order for the team reviewing to access the required information.
Text to Join What is the keyword? Where does the consumer/subscriber find the keyword? Screenshots/pictures/urls are best.
Point of Sale Provide a screenshot/picture/url of the opt-in from the POS, language the customer is subscribing to.

Additional notes:

  • For bulk requests, please include the opt-in on the csv and not on individual tickets that are created from the bulk submission.
  • Don’t include links with opt-ins behind username/password logins, links to secured google drives, or other non public accessible websites.
  • Only including “online”, “text to join”, “point of sale”, “web” is not enough for the opt in requirement for TFV team

✔ Approved Example:
Direct URL to the opt in sign up page.

✔ Approved Example:
Hosted image of the opt in URL or Screenshot of the SMS opt in page.
Note: Seeing directly how the customer opts in/signs up for SMS helps the Verification team understand exactly what the customer sees and signs up for.

✘ Rejected Example:
URLs that don’t direct to the exact sign up, URLs that are behind a login/password screen, URLs that don’t resolve. The Toll-Free Verification team needs the direct link to the opt-in/sign up.

Note: Please test all included URLs if possible to ensure they work properly, check for typos, etc. Verification may fail due to a misspelled or inaccessible URL

Additional Supporting Details

Any additional details that you want to add or that you believe will help with the verification such as privacy policies, AUPs, additional onboarding controls you have, links, etc. This is a great field to explain reasoning for having more than 5 numbers with the same business name and business address.

✔ Approved Example:
This section is for any additional details that will help with the verification such as privacy policies, onboarding controls, justification for more than 5 numbers with the same business name and business address, etc. that don’t fit into the other fields on the submission

✘ Rejected Example: this is not a required field and can be left blank

ISV / Reseller (Required for ISVs)

If you are an ISV submitting your end-businesses, add your ISV company name to drive efficiencies for bulk submissions for the Verification Ops team. Filling this out will also allow you to easily identify your customer requests.


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