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How do I receive updates from Twilio?

Want to see the latest news from Twilio? We offer multiple ways to keep track of what is going on. This guide outlines the most popular methods for finding Twilio news and updates.


Ahoy provides a launchpad for videos, blog posts, and sample code for developers building on Twilio.  You can sign up for updates via email digest.


The Twilio Changelog provides information about additions and changes to the Twilio platform. You can view all updates via the Twilio Changelog and subscribe to the Changelog RSS Feed*  to receive updates. 

*In order to subscribe to the Changelog RSS Feed, an RSS feed reader is required. 


You can keep track of updates to helper libraries and developer tools by logging into your Github account and configuring "Watch" on the relevant repository. Our most popular repositories are the following helper libraries:

You can configure subscriptions and notifications for Twilio Github repositories in your Github account.

Notification Preferences

Twilio sends critical non-promotional product and policy update communications via email  to the owners and administrators of the accounts. These include the following categories:

  • Pricing Updates: Updates to product prices and rates
  • Regulatory and Compliance Alerts: Alerts on regulatory and compliance issues/requests
  • Developer Updates: Critical Updates to Twilio APIs, helper libraries and other developer tools
  • Legal and Privacy Updates: Updates to our legal terms, such as a our Terms of Service or Privacy Notices
  • Security and Fraud Alerts: Warnings about active fraudulent attacks and potential security vulnerabilities
  • Bulk Data Export Notifications: Informational notifications for bulk data export activity

Note: TrustHub and Phone Number Regulatory Bundle review updates will not fall under the Regulatory and Compliance Alerts listed above. The email communication related to them is sent to the email address specified in the notification section on the Bundle.

Users can customize these communications via the Notification Preferences page in Console

  • Users with the Owner or Administrator role have the ability to enable or disable notifications for each user access role type.
  • Users with the Developer, Billing Manager, and Support role can opt-out of receiving notification from this page by unchecking the opt-in box.

Status Page

Twilio's status page gives real-time updates on any known incidents, outages or degradation in our API platform and external carrier connections. We also publish scheduled maintenance windows here. You can sign up for updates via email, text message notifications, webhook notifications, or RSS via

For more information, see Checking Twilio Service and API Status with the Status Page.

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