Twilio Console Account Dashboard Migration

If you have noticed recent changes to Twilio Console, you may have been upgraded to the latest version of our Console account dashboard site. In the new version of Console, some buttons or links may no longer be on your dashboard, but can still be easily accessed. Here are answers to common questions:

Q: How can I find a specific blog post?

A: Navigate to

Q: How can I find a specific API doc?

A: Navigate to

Q: How can I find the changelog?

A: Navigate to

Q: How can I add teammates?

A: Access Manage Users from the Console Settings page. For a full walkthrough, see our guide Adding, Removing, or Modifying Users with Your Twilio Project.

Q: How can I add a link to a specific product or service?

A: Click All Products & Services allProdsServices_icon_20x20.png from the left edge of the window to expand the Console navigation bar. Scroll to and hover over the desired product or service, and then click Pin to dock pin_icon_19x20.png.

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