WhatsApp Pricing Model Change for Messages to Mexico (Effective Feb 2021)

Starting February 1, 2021, WhatsApp will start testing a new pricing model that will only impact businesses sending and receiving messages to and from end users with Mexico phone numbers (+52).

The below changes will be effective February 1 for messages with Mexico end users only.

No more template charges from WhatsApp for Mexico

  • WhatsApp will stop charging for each templated message sent to end users with Mexico numbers.
  • WhatsApp will instead charge a new outgoing "business conversation session" charge for messages to Mexico users (see below).
  • The existing templated messages pricing will continue to apply for WhatsApp messages to phone numbers in any other country.

New business conversation session charge for Mexico

  • For businesses messaging users with Mexico phone numbers, WhatsApp will charge $0.014 per 24-hour "business conversation session". WhatsApp defines this as a 24-hour session of unlimited messaging between a business and a person.
  • During the session, there are no additional charges for any additional messages from the business or the end user.
  • The business conversation session begins when:
    • A business-initiated message is delivered to a user, outside of a 24 hour window
    • A business reply to a user message is delivered within the 24 hour window
    • After the end of the 24-hour business conversation session, every new outbound message from the business will start a new session and will be charged $0.014. 

Frequently Asked Questions

My Twilio WhatsApp number is from a different country, but I send messages to WhatsApp users in Mexico. Does this change affect me?

Yes, this change affects messaging to and from users who have Mexico WhatsApp numbers. The country of the Twilio for WhatsApp number you are using does not matter.

How does this impact the per message charges or monthly active user charges?

There are no changes to Twilio's charges, including the per message charge or the monthly active user charge (when using Conversations API). For example, if you are using the Programmable Messaging API, you will continue to incur the same per message charge on all messages.

How does this impact my business use case?

If you are messaging end users who have Mexico phone numbers, then this change from WhatsApp may have a different impact on your business depending on your use case.

  • Frequent notifications: If you are sending multiple template messages within a 24-hour period, you will now only incur a single charge $0.014 from WhatsApp for starting the business conversation session. WhatsApp will not charge for template messages.
  • Infrequent notifications: If you are sending template messages over multiple 24-hour periods, you will now incur charges of $0.014 from WhatsApp for starting the business conversation session, rather than $0.0266 per template.
  • Customer support: If you are responding to incoming user-initiated messages, then you will start incurring a new $0.014 charge for the first response.

Is this change happening anywhere else?

Currently WhatsApp is running this as a test in Mexico only. WhatsApp may expand this pricing model to other regions in 2021. If this happens, Twilio will provide advance notice to our customers when information becomes available.

Are the first 1500 messages free?

At this time Twilio does not support any free messaging tiers. Our team is actively exploring this topic and we will update this article if any changes happen.


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