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Twilio Frontline Limitation of New Sales Notice and Information

As of February 9, 2023, access to Twilio Frontline is limited to existing Twilio Frontline customers. Twilio accounts that have added Frontline prior to February 9, 2023 can continue to use the product, and will be fully supported.

This guide addresses the following topics:

Are existing Frontline customers going to be affected?

Existing Twilio Frontline customers will continue to have access to Frontline on their accounts. In addition, Frontline customers will continue to be supported by Twilio's Support and Engineering teams, in accordance with our SLAs. That being said, new accounts, and existing accounts that have not previously had access to Frontline, will no longer see Twilio Frontline in Console or on our documentation site. If you are an existing Frontline customer looking to create a new Twilio project with Frontline enabled, please reach out to Twilio Support.

Why can't I find Frontline in the Console or in Twilio's documentation?

As new sales of Frontline are limited, Console access and documentation are now gated to existing Frontline customers only.  Please log in to a Frontline enabled account in order to access these resources. If you are an existing Frontline customer, but are still unable to access either of these, please reach out to Twilio Support.

Does Twilio offer other solutions in place of Frontline?

Frontline has partial overlap with both Twilio Flex and Twilio Conversations, and we encourage you to explore if either are a potential fit for your use case.

Twilio Flex is a digital engagement center for Sales and Service that is built on top of Twilio’s cloud communications platform. It enables you to create the exact omnichannel customer experience that you want for your customers, employees, and supervisors. You can tailor every layer of Twilio Flex to the exact needs of your customers and employees, all within a single pane glass. Flex provides you with total control of your customer experience by enabling you to integrate existing solutions, add channels easily, and customize the user interface.  Flex consists of a set of backend services that are hosted on Twilio’s cloud, and a React-based frontend that can be hosted on your own infrastructure or integrated with your own applications.

Conversations is the multi-channel messaging product that powered Frontline, and can be used to build engaging experiences on any channel we support. With Twilio Conversations, you can, for example:

  • Connect customers with support agents via chat using our SDK
  • Bridge previously siloed channels with each other, like SMS and WhatsApp
  • Support customers on the channel they prefer from inside your existing tools
  • Reduce friction by handling simple requests using bots
  • Proxy messages between two SMS numbers

Please contact our sales team to find the right solution for you.

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