A2P 10DLC Campaign Approval Best Practices

On January 26, 2023, a new A2P 10DLC Campaign vetting process is going into effect. For details on the change, see this article. This change is relevant to customers using long code numbers to send messages to the United States, under the A2P 10DLC framework. This change does not apply to Toll-Free messaging.

Effective January 26, 2023, newly registered A2P Campaigns are subject to a manual vetting process. To help ensure your Campaigns are approved in this vetting process, please follow these best practices when submitting new Campaigns.

Forbidden use cases will result in Campaign rejection

Make sure your A2P Campaign does not involve prohibited content such as cannabis, hate speech, etc. and that your use case is compliant with Twilio’s Messaging Policy

Ensure data accuracy and consistency

Make sure you submit Campaign registrations with accurate and consistent data:

Best Practice


Consistency in brand, website and sample messages

If your brand name is Acme, your website is www.acme.com, but your sample messages say “Here’s your one-time passcode for logging into www.contoso.com”, your campaign will be rejected

Consistency in sample messages and use cases

If you register a marketing campaign, but sample messages say “Here’s your one-time passcode: 123456”, your campaign will be rejected

Consistency in email domain and company name

If you register a brand as Twilio Inc, but you provide an email address with the gmail domain names, your campaign will be rejected. Note that this check only applies to large, well-known corporations that should have dedicated email domains

Make sure you submit real, working websites

If you indicate that your customers opt-in to your messages via the website, but provide a website address that does not function, your campaign will be rejected

Make sure the brand you register is the actual brand that you’re sending messages for

For ISV customers, if you register a brand with your own company’s information (e.g. a company that provides tech for dental offices), but end up sending messages for your customers (e.g., individual dentist practices), your campaign will be rejected

Make sure you create as few duplicative brands and campaigns as possible

Excessive brands with the same EIN and excessive campaigns with the same campaign attributes may be seen as high-risk and may result in campaign rejection

If you wish to send templated messages, please make sure to indicate the templated fields in sample messages with brackets, to help reviewers better identify which parts are templated

For example, please write “Dental check due for [Mary Doe], Visit [www.contoso.com] to schedule an appointment or call [123-456-7890]” 


Ensure your use case involves consumer consent before sending messages

Make sure you collect consumer consent appropriately. Please refer to the CTIA guidelines to see detailed instructions and best practices on handling consumer consent.

Best Practice


Make sure consumer opt-in is collected appropriately

If you indicate you collect opt-in via text messages, but your sample messages say “Hi, is this the owner of 123 Oak street? I’d like to discuss how I can help you sell your property”, it is clear that you have not collected appropriate consent before sending messages and your campaign will be rejected.

Make sure opt-in language is available on your website if you indicated in the “message flow” field that a consumer opts into your campaign on your company website

If your brand Acme uses its website, www.acme.com, to collect phone numbers but your website does not contain opt-in language such as “By providing your phone number, you agree to receive text messages from ACME. Message and data rates may apply. Message frequency varies.”, your campaign will be rejected.

We recommend having opt-out language in at least one of your sample messages

For example, please consider adding language such as “Please reply STOP to opt out” in one of your sample messages


Please note that the ecosystem is constantly improving the vetting criteria as it comes across additional types of violations. Please do not consider the best practices listed above as a “catch-all” and guarantee an approval as long as you follow them all; instead, consider them as a baseline that illustrates the general direction of compliant, high-quality messaging that the ecosystem is moving towards.

What can I do if my campaigns are rejected?

Twilio’s A2P Operations team will reach out to you directly to help you fix your Campaign registration or re-submit a new Campaign.

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