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Troubleshooting Issues with Twilio Notify

If you run into any issues or errors when attempting to send Twilio Notify messages, please run through these troubleshooting steps.

Notice: Twilio Notify will reach end of life on December 31, 2025. For full details, including migration options, see Transitioning off Notify.

Notifications Resource API Request Errors

Successful HTTP POST requests to the Notifications API Resource will result in an HTTP 201 Response. This indicates that Twilio successfully received the request, and will attempt to send the notification.

Any other HTTP response to an API request will be caused by an error. Please check the response for the Error number and Message for details on what went wrong.

Check Notify Service Logs in Console

  1. Login to your account at
  2. From the left side navigation bar, click Notify Icon_Notify.png.
  3. Click Services, and then select the desired Notify service.
  4. Click Logs. (Note: you must have enabled logging on the Configure page prior to sending the Notification for logs to show up here).
  5. Click a notification to view the details for each delivery attempt.

Some communication channel bindings may be automatically deleted when certain unrecoverable errors occur, such as an SMS to an invalid phone number, or a push message with an invalid token. If the number of delivery attempts in your service’s logs does not correspond to your expectations, check your users’ Bindings.

SMS Notifications are Not Arriving at Handset

Twilio Notify SMS messages could fail to arrive at the handset due to a number of reasons. If the API request was successful, and there’s no error in the Notify Service Logs, please troubleshoot like a standard SMS message. For more information, please see our Troubleshooting undelivered Twilio SMS messages article.

Push Notifications are Not Arriving at Handset

If attempting to send Apple (APN) or Google (FCM or GCM) Push messages, check that the application is handling the notification in-app when necessary -

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