Forward Incoming SMS Messages with Twilio Studio

Twilio Studio allows you to drag and drop widgets to build a number of different Programmable Messaging flows. Here are steps for creating a simple SMS message forwarding flow, and configuring it for use on your Twilio number.

Notice: At this time, Studio does not support forwarding SMS to an email address. For examples of non-Studio options for forwarding to email, please see our article Forwarding SMS Messages to your Email Inbox.

Create an SMS Message Forwarding Flow

  1. Access the Studio Dashboard in Console.
  2. Click the + sign icon Icon_03-New.png to create a new Studio flow.
  3. Enter the desired name for your flow, and then click Next.
  4. Select "Start from scratch", and then click Next.
  5. From the "Widget Library" on the right, drag and drop a Send Message widget into the flow.
  6. Click and drag the Trigger widget’s Incoming Message lead to connect it to the Send Message widget.
  7. Click the Send Message widget to display the widget's options on the right. Enter the following in the MESSAGE BODY field:
    NEW MESSAGE FROM: {{trigger.message.From}}
    BODY: {{trigger.message.Body}}
  8. In the SEND MESSAGE widget options, scroll to and click to expand MESSAGING & CHAT CONFIG. Enter the desired destination forwarding number in the SEND MESSAGE TO field, and then click Save.
    Note: We recommend using E.164 formatting for this number. Check our Lookup tool if you’re unsure what this should look like.
  9. Click Publish.

Activate a Flow on a Twilio Number

When your flow is published, it can then be configured to handle incoming phone calls or text messages for Twilio phone numbers that support these products. Here’s how to add your flow to a phone number:

  1. Access the Active Numbers page in Console.
  2. Click the desired phone number to modify.
  3. Scroll to the Voice & Fax section, and then modify the phone number’s routing:
    • ACCEPT INCOMING: Voice Calls
    • CONFIGURE WITH: Webhooks, TwiML Bins, Functions, Studio, or Proxy
    • A CALL COMES IN: Studio Flow
    • DROP-DOWN MENU: Select the previously saved flow.
      NOTE: A new flow may not be immediately visible; try refreshing the page if you don't see it at first.
  4. Click Save.
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