Audit Events pricing

Twilio will you charge you for Audit Events utilization per events written, read via the API, or stored beyond 30 days. Audit Events is an Enterprise feature, and may not be available for your project. If it is not, please contact or for assistance.

The charges for Audit Events are as follows:

  • Writes (Events logged): First 5,000 events are free, after the first 5000 the charges $0.0002 per event (0.02 per 100 events written)
  • Reads (via REST API): First 10,000 events are read for free, afterwards it's $0.0001 per event (or .01 per 100 per event afterwards)
  • Storage: First 30 days are free, afterwards it's $0.00000033 per event per day or (0.01 per 1000 events per 30 days)

You can configure which events are written or how long they’re stored, via the Audit Events configuration page. Here is what an example bill may look like.

Suppose you have a 90 day retention policy set, in the current month Twilio logged 20,000 events within your project, and you had 40,000 events stored for the duration of the month that are older than 30 days (eg events written in the previous two months). Furthermore, you made no API reads during this period.

Your Audit Events charge for Writes will be: $3 (20,000 - 5,000) * 0.0002

Your Audit Events charge for Reads will be: $0 (no REST requests made)

Your Audit Events storage charge will be: $0.792 (40,000*60*0.00000033)

Your total Audit Events bill be $3.792

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