Guidelines to new 10DLC registrations for ISVs



The 10DLC ecosystem is evolving and there are changes that will lead to a safer and stronger ecosystem. Although these changes will bring in long term benefit for everyone, these changes are hard to manage in the short term. These guidelines will help you manage the changes and your customer migration effectively. This document is focused on addressing new sole prop guidelines and 10DLC options.


The changes are outlined below and the details are available in Twilio’s blog post




Note: these changes are only applicable to Sole Prop Brands and does not impact any type of Standard Brands (including, Low Volume Standard Brands)


What are the alternatives available for your customers

You have deep understanding of your customers and there are few options available for them, you should first understand the three types of registration available for your customers: 

Among these, there is a clear path for customers to go for sole prop, low volume standard, and standard brands which is majorly dependent on customers having EIN and their traffic requirements. 


Franchise model: If your customers work with individuals with no EIN and have a direct contractual relationship then you can opt in for Standard Brands with Special use case of “Agents; franchise; local branches”.


Toll Free: If your customers do not have a local number requirement then toll free might be a great fit. 



Understand how these changes impact your customers and build a strategy to move forward

We have shared a list of your brands that do not meet the new requirements, reach out to our support team if you don’t have the list yet. For the brands on the list, follow the decision tree given below:


Note: Few of the new requirements are across the ecosystem, like the number of brand limitations per validation, Twilio does not have a visibility of the full ecosystem, so we created a preliminary list and shared it with you in advance. TCR will assess the brands across the ecosystem and may identify additional brands that need to be deleted. 

Reach out to your customers to gather additional information

When you have identified the potential registration routes for your customers, understand the requirements that you may need to gather to help them register. Please refer to links below to find out the information required for each registration type: 

To gather information, you can create links with different flows based on EIN availability or Toll Free to gather all the additional information and share it with your customers. You should also reach out to your customers directly through the ops or support team, starting with the highest traffic first.

Re-register the sole prop brands as Low Volume Standard Brands or Standard Brands

Once you have all the information and are ready to re-register your brands, use the appropriate path to register. You can use these steps you can follow to register for Low Volume Standard or Standard Brands:

Note: removing a number is an async process and sometimes takes up to 24 hours to complete. This delay depends on the queueing traffic on the net number and carriers' systems. We highly recommend you to build a delay of 24 hours between removing a phone number and adding it to another campaign.

Here are the links for a detailed walkthrough.

Twilio is always available for your help

We understand that these changes require a lot of effort and we are here to help in any way we can. Please feel free to reach out to our support term if you need help.

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