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What to do if my Twilio number is already registered with a WhatsApp account?

When onboarding a Twilio number to the WhatsApp Business API with Twilio through Self Sign-Up, an error may occur if the number was previously used on the WhatsApp mobile application and was not deleted when the number was released from the previous Twilio Account. The error message reads as:

This number is registered to an existing WhatsApp account. To use this number, disconnect it from the existing account. Then, return to this page and re-enter the number. Note: It may take up to 3 minutes for the number to become available.

You may reset the account and safely continue to use your Twilio number as a Sender for the WhatsApp Business API with Twilio by logging in to the WhatsApp mobile application using your Twilio phone number and deleting the current WhatsApp account for that number. This will then allow the number to be registered as a WhatsApp Sender.

Steps to reset the WhatsApp Account

To reset the account for the Twilio number for use on the WhatsApp Business API with Twilio, follow these steps:

  1. On your smartphone, download the WhatsApp Business app, or the WhatsApp consumer app. Before continuing with the rest of the steps, you should first log out from any current WhatsApp application sessions on your phone.
  2. Log in to the WhatsApp application using your Twilio number.
  3. You will be asked to request a pin code. If you have an SMS capable number, you may request an SMS pin code. If you have a voice number or you are having trouble receiving the SMS code, you will need to follow these additional steps:
    1. Navigate to the Active Numbers configuration page in the Twilio console and look for the Twilio number that you want to onboard.
    2. Click on the phone number and scroll down to the Voice & Fax section to configure the number.
    3. In the Configure with dropdown, select the Webhook, TwiML Bin, Function, Studio Flow, Proxy Service option:
      • To receive a call on your own phone number, change the Webhook URL and use the Forward Twimlet following this convention:[your own phone number]. For example, your Twimlet can look like this:
      • To receive a transcribed call on your email, change the Webhook URL and use the Voicemail Twimlet following this convention:[your email]. For example, your Twimlet can look like this:

    4. Click the Save button.
  4. Request the code in the WhatsApp mobile application:
    • If you requested the code by SMS, navigate to the Twilio messaging logs by going to Monitor > Logs > Messaging or go directly via this link
    • If you requested the code via a voice call forwarded to your own phone, wait for your phone to ring and receive the code via phonecall. 
    • If you requested the code via transcribed email, wait for the email to come through to the email address you specified in the Webhook configuration.

  5. Complete the login on the WhatsApp mobile application.
  6. In the WhatsApp mobile application, navigate to More Options > Settings > Account > Delete my account.
  7. Enter your Twilio phone number in full international format and tap “DELETE MY ACCOUNT”, select the reason and confirm.

Now that your account is deleted, you can proceed with the WhatsApp Sender registration process on Twilio via the console.

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